Stainless Steel Ball Valves

WellBall Industrial Corp.

WellBall is a specialist manufacturer and supplier of stainless steel ball valves, including threaded end ball valve, flanged end valves, multi thread end valve, sanitary ball valves, needle valves, stainless steel balls, instrumentation and related flow control products. In 1996, WellBall Industrial CORP set up an R&D team undertaking the design, development and the application of valve balls.

In 1998, thanks to the R&D team’s hard work, the company was able to produce hollow valve ball forged with stainless steel tube by using its state-of –the–art technology and was granted with patents in many countries. At the same time, WellBall Industrial CORP, was coming into being and it has therefore become a pioneer that develops the techniques of making hollow valve balls with steel tube formation for mass production and thus successfully steps into the market worldwide.