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WellBall is a specialist manufacturer of valves, instrumentation and related flow control products. In 1996, WellBall Industrial CORP set up an R&D team undertaking the design, development and the application of valve ball.
In 1998, thanks to the R&D team’s hard work, the company was able to produce hollow valve ball forged with stainless steel tube by using its state-of –the–art technology and was granted with patents in many countries. At the same time, WellBall Industrial CORP, was coming into being and it has therefore become a pioneer that develops the techniques of making hollow valve ball with steel tube formation for mass production and thus successfully steps into the market worldwide. Staring from 2003, the company has been granted with various kinds of international accreditations such as ISO 9001, PED and TUV. At the end of 2008, the company attempts to set up a plant in Central Taiwan Science Park to satisfy more of its customer’s demand.

The R&D team of WellBall endeavors itself to the design and manufacture of high quality valve ball/ valve products, following a complete production process and making best use of the equipments as adopted. Further, it works with the Metal Industries R&D Centre of ITRI in an attempt to have its products equivalent to the highest level.